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Pyramid Productions started out in 2002 as a website to promote various pieces of low-cost and free games for Mac OS X by Iain Bethune, while studying Computer Science and Physics at Edinburgh University in Scotland. Currently, I have don't really have the time available for serious game development, but still dabble in various projects, so the website has evolved along with my interests. Alongside the games, you will also find a number of useful programs for Prime Number searching on the Mac, and several others things beside.

If you're interested in some history, my first steps in programming were on an Acorn A3000 computer, with 512KB of RAM and no hard disc back when I was about 9 years old. I was bought the (sadly no longer in print) "Let's Compute!" magazine by my Dad, and for the next few years learned some programming - and a few bad habits! - from them in BBC BASIC. After a few years the family got our first Mac, an LC II. This was the first time I had a decent machine to work with, and wrote loads of programs in BBC BASIC 5, going from text adventure games to fully 3D isometric landscapes. At this point in time I became frustrated with programming, as my graphics could more easily be measured in seconds per frame rather than frames per second, and so I more-or-less stopped coding completely for the next 4 or 5 years.

In high school, I learned some Pascal and Visual Basic, and passed all my computing courses with relative ease. It wasn't until I got to university and got a computer of my own that I got interested in programming again. Having studied Java programming in my 1st year, and having Apple's excellent suite of OS X developer tools at my disposal, I realised that writing software could still be fun, and so I started coding under the name of Pyramid Productions.

Several years on, and I am now married with 3 small children to keep me out of trouble (and away from the keyboard!). After a 3 year spell working for IBM developing storage virtualisation products, I am now a High Performance Computing (HPC) Applications Consultant working at EPCC, The University of Edinburgh. I work with researchers around the UK and Europe to help them make better use of the large-scale parallel systems available these days - HECToR, the UK national service, currently has over 40,000 CPU cores!

My old Dual 1.25Ghz G4 PowerMac has now been retired after 6 year of faithful service and I have a Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz MacBook Pro with 4GB RAM as my main development machine. I mainly use XCode for programming and debugging, along with Photoshop CS4 for graphics, but am equally at home using the command line.

I am always working on something new (or old), so have a look around, download anything you like, and please check back regularly for updates!








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