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Here be dragons! Or at least various bits of code that I've written that I though might possibly be of use to someone. Please download and use as you see fit. If you have any questions, just get in touch.

Random Number Generators

Random is a free code library for generating psuedo-random numbers. It has 5 different PRNG algorithms with varying speeds and randomness. This is encapsulated in a C++ class for inclusion in your own code.

SDLGameBase 0.5

SDLGameBase is a set of C++ classes that can serve as a useful starting point for building an SDL/OpenGL/C++ game on the Mac. It has developed over a number of years, and meets most of the generic requirements I need on every project I start, including Window Management, Event Handling, I/O, Graphics, Sounds etc. In release 0.5, I have moved away from a strictly 2D graphics engine, and simply provide an OpenGL context which the application can draw into. Another major new feature is introduction of 'Modules' - separate classes which separate the logic of sections of a game into easily manageable pieces.








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